Our Company - Overseas Studio
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How did we get a fleet of 8 identical fishing charters out to sea in The Florida Keys? Where did the 25 foot slide that we dropped off the side of the yacht come from while you were looking the other way? How did we stop highway traffic in Arizona to make sure the group made it to an NFL game in the middle of the day?

We propose these ideas, and are told we are crazy. Maybe even be asked to leave for pitching such outrageous ideas. But once that seed is planted, nothing else will do. We’ll be asked back out of curiosity, and then praised once every detail of the trip was executed flawlessly.

Our bookings go through a stringent quality control process, including double and triple checking every detail to make sure things are progressing as planned. Because we’re not worried about annoying our lovely suppliers in pursuit of perfection.

Outside-the-Box Brainstorming0%
Network of Insiders0%
Ability to Execute0%
Quality Control0%




Once an ad man, now the driving force behind the company’s habit of disrupting the status quo. The word “no” doesn’t quite fit into his vocabulary. If he hears it, you can bet it’ll be seen more as a challenge than a final answer. Always rebellious, never conformist, consistently blazing the path to the travel experience jackpot.



Some call him a maniac, we call him dedicated. If you want to be lazy in your services, he probably won’t end up your best friend. But if unparalleled attention to detail combined with uncompromising standards are your thing, he’s your guy. Field agent extraordinaire with a knack for turning the everyday into something unimaginable.